Sant Parmanand School of Nursing

The Sant Parmanand School of Nursing is a pioneer and Indian nursing council & Delhi nursing council recognized Nursing school. Our mission is to advance the science of health and healthcare through innovative research, teaching and clinical practice with modern facilities. Its faculty consists of the Principal, Vice-Principal and Clinical tutors who are already in place and have a vast experience in this field. They are totally dedicated to the cause. The school building is one of its kind with excellent facilities including a girls hostel with an in-house catering service.

The School also consists of an excellent library with state-of-the-art laboratories including a computer lab for our students. We have also provided facilities for both indoor and outdoor games and recreational facilities.

It shall be our endeavour to provide quality education to our students keeping in mind the high standard we maintainin the parent institute namely¬†“Sant Parmanand Hospital”.


Our mission is to advance the science of health and healthcare through innovative research, teaching and clinical practice with modern facilities.


Excellence in leading edge nursing education,research and practice in an exceptional learning.


  • We, the faculty, believe that professional and safe nursing practice is at the intersection of clinical excellence and effective relational practice.
  • We believe that in the ever-changing, complex and global world, our graduates will have generalist nursing knowledge, orientation to leadership and a focus on the growing needs of an aging population.
  • We believe in delivering compassionate and ethical care, so that students develop a broad understanding of social structures as they gain awareness and respect for individuals.
  • Nursing students should develop an understanding of how systems affect the health and well-being of diverse communities, families, and individuals across the life span.
  • The shared responsibility for identifying learning needs and evaluating learning experiences enhances self-confidence and the ability to become increasingly self-directed.

Objectives of Programme

  • To Demonstrate independence in identifying problems and determining solutions in clinical care.
  • To Perform evidence-based nursing practice to improve the quality of patient care.
  • To Analyze the issues relevant to professional nursing development, and explore possible solutions scientifically..
  • To Implement effective pedagogical methodologies as applied to nursing practice and education.
  • To Perform self-directed learning and continually aspire to improve individual professional skills.

Scope of Nursing

  • There are opportunities available in the private as well as government sectors. A person from this profession has the option of working with government or private hospitals, old homes, armed forces, orphanages, industries, Indian Red Cross Society, State Nursing Councils, Indian Nursing Council and so many other endless possibilities that exist today.